Thursday, June 22, 2017

having a little baby....

I still cannot believe I am the mother of three... I seriously cannot. Sometimes I wonder if I could possibly be happier... I feel so lucky.
Months ago I remember the surprise of the little itty bitty plus sign on the pregnancy test... and then the second test... and then the third... I remember being quite scared and quite shocked. I knew we would be ok... I just didn't know I would be this happy. The months went by slowly and my bump grew bigger... we got more and more excited. Doctor appointments, blood tests... It all felt so surreal and so exciting... I just welcomed it and felt all the feels... I was becoming a new mom again... With girls many years older at 11 and 8 now... I was out of practice but very relaxed and that was ok. At each stage it brought back memories of my previous pregnancies that I completely forgot about in a happy way... I forgot what it felt like to have a life growing and moving inside of me... I forgot how healthy I felt... I forgot the feeling when people noticed I was pregnant and touched my belly... I welcomed it all... I remember buying itty bitty socks and washing them in super organic soap and smelling their newness... I remember feeling the kicks when I wasn't expecting in a room full of people and smiling because it was just you and me honey and only we new that you were tapping...
and then, just like that... I was in labor...

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Due Time!!!

oh my goodness I just cannot really put into words my excitement for my family and our expansion! ha! I just love the thought of a big family and cannot believe how lucky we are and gosh I feel it! Soon we will be a "Party of Five!" of course things do make me nervous... it's due time! I'm 40 weeks... I do feel nervous... will I be able to love one more just as much as I love my two girls... of course I know the answer but again I wonder and know that there will be a shift that will happen in that birth euphoria! I get a little weepy at the thought of Cecilia becoming a big sister... even though she told me "she was BORN to be a big sister... FINALLY!!" hahaha! But then I think about all the new adventures we will have together all over again! I love kids and babies and I just cannot wait to show my girls in a time they will remember how precious this part of womanhood really is! So tomorrow is my due date... March 22nd... I have been feeling the feels and rocking them through... I've been working on visualizing birth... how I will breath through it... I'm just going to take it one wave at a time and find my center along the way... excited!

11th Birthday Sleepover Fun!!!

Ohhhhhh my goodness!!! This was such a FUN BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! Was pretty laid back too! Sleepovers can be SO FUN! There was lots of time to just be and take a breath and check in with our little girl and ask if she was having fun and tell her again and again, Happy Birthday! 
I loved painting the girls nails and using the sugar scrubs we made! The homemade chocolate mousse parfaits were AMAZING! The girls all had a blast! We even had a little dance party! Morning time brought Swedish pancakes filled with fresh cream, nutella, and lots of berries! Yum! It just took me back to little girl times of giddy excitement and pinks and purples and happy memories I hope they always remember!